On-line Payments via PayPal

Dakota Transit Association is proud to offer payments on-line via PayPal for the following items:


Membership fees are calculated as follows:

Transit Providers – Base Dues Membership: (A) $100.00
Add number of revenue vehicles______ x $10.00 per vehicle ($200.00 maximum): (B) $______
Total Dues for Transit Provider Membership (Add A & and B— Maximum $300): $_______

Annual Dues – Base Member Rate$100.00
Annual Dues – Base Member Additional Cost Per Bus$10.00
Annual Dues – Associate Member (supporting entities not active in providing transit)$125.00

Training – Members

PASS Training$125.00
PASS Re-certification$50.00
Defensive Driving $40.00
Defensive Driving Re-certification$20.00
Hands on Certification after online with CTAA$25.00

Training – Non-Members

PASS Training (Non-Member)$200.00
PASS Re-certification (Non-Member)$70.00
Defensive Driving (Non-Member)$60.00
Defensive Driving Re-certification (Non-Member)$30.00

Conference Fees – Members

Annual Conference Fee (Member, Incl. Meals)$350.00
Annual Conference Fee (Non Member, Incl. Meals)$400.00
Roadeo Participant Registration and Meals$300.00
Transit Employee Professional Training$175.00

Conference Fees – Guests

Annual Conference Guest Saturday Breakfast (Specific meals attending will be specified on registration form)$20.00
Annual Conference Guest Saturday Roadeo Banquet$35.00
Annual Conference Guest Saturday Box Lunch$20.00
Annual Conference Guest Sunday Breakfast$20.00

Conference Fees – Vendors

First Booth Rental $350.00
Sponsor Meal – Breaks$275.00
Sponsor Meal – Breakfast$900.00
Sponsor Meal – Lunch$1,000.00
Sponsor Roadeo Banquet$1,175.00
Advertising in Conference Program – 1/4 Page$100.00
Advertising in Conference Program – 1/2 Page$150.00
Advertising in Conference Program – Full Page$250.00
Advertising in Conference Program – Full Page Back$350.00
Tuesday Social$1,200.00
ND Roadeo Winner $200.00
ND Driver of the Year$200.00
ND Friend of Transit$75.00
ND Agency of the Year$75.00
SD Roadeo Winner $200.00
SD Driver of the Year $200.00
SD Friend of Transit $75.00
SD Agency of the Year $75.00
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