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Dakota Transit Association is a coalition of public agencies and private organizations that promote and support public and special passenger transportation programs within North and South Dakota.

Benefits of Membership

  • Discounts on DTA conferences and events
  • Membership offers you a voice in shaping the future of transit in the Dakotas

Monthly Tidbits

As part of your membership, you receive a monthly newsletter, proving you with:

  • Articles on transit events in North and South Dakota
  • Updates from FTA
  • Safety Concerns

Training Sessions

  • Yearly Roadeo (Hands-on training for drivers and winners are sponsored to compete in national event)
  • Driver Training
  • Yearly Conference with excellent presenters for administrators, drivers and board members
  • Seminars
  • Employee Exchanges

Membership in the DTA provides a medium for the exchange of ideas, information and experiences with other transit professionals in the region. Members also have access to comparative data and information relative to public transportation in the Dakotas. That information can provide important benchmarks for managing and improving your operation.

Becoming a member will also enhance your ability to provide safe, adequate and cost-effective transportation through group purchasing of items like insurance and equipment.

Membership also offers you a voice in shaping the future of transit in the Dakotas. You might consider becoming a board member — an opportunity to hone your leadership skills while making a difference in the quality of public transit in our two states.


If you have any questions, please e-mail Jacqueline Senger or call 701-740-8894.